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(in US $)
Age Sex
R06-ONT-0810-10 E-Mail to Advertiser here Senior Telecom Manager - Vice President, Director Level
negotiable 56 M

Preferred Location, Languages

Preferred Location Worldwide
Nationality Canadian
Date of Birth, Place of Birth October 1, 1955, Canada
Language (Fluent-Medium-basic) English (F) French (F),

Career Summary

Career Summary
  • Wide experience in the International Telecom industry (purchasing telecom services, business development, M&A)
  • Results oriented manager with over twenty seven years of experience in telecommunications
  • Unique combination of business development and financial analysis expertise
  • Solid experience in opportunity assessments, alliances, carrier relationships and acquisitions
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Extensive contacts in Canadian, US and International carriers

Desired Position - Special Skills

Position Desired Director/VP - Carrier Relations Director/VP - Business Development, Director, Senior Manager, Senior Consultant for Telecommunications Companies
Special Skills
* Quick Learner with superior business acumen * Sound judgment and exceptional decision making capabilities
* Good communication skills: fully bilingual (English and French) * Adaptable and flexible as demonstrated during international assignment

Objective, Work Experience, Education


I am looking for a Senior management position where negotiation and business development skills are an essential requirement; and where I can contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. I will bring significant experience acquired in the technology/telecommunications field.


Apr. 2002- Present Director – Carrier Relations with Bell Canada
  • Acquisition of all telecommunications services (voice and data) in the US and rest of World to enable Bell to serve its customers
  • Negotiation of supply agreements, bilateral arrangements and/or alliances with key partners
  • Constant achievement of least cost routing of International voice traffic (800 destinations each with varying rates and quality applicable) using a number of suppliers
  • Management of a group of 17 individuals including contractors, while ensuring good relationships with Bell's key partners/suppliers
Nov 1992 to Mar 2002 Director and Associate Director Positions with Bell Nexxia and Bell Canada
Sept. 2000 – Mar. 2002 Director – Business Development: Bell Nexxia
  • Acquisition of telecommunications services outside of Bell Canada’s territory from other service providers in both Canada and the US to meet the needs of Nexxia customers
  • Creation and management of the business relationship with Nexxia’s new partner Bell West in Alberta and BC, after building the business case, completing analysis and negotiations with partner (MTS)
  • Development and negotiation of a new wholesale relationship with Bell’s former partner (Telus)
July 1999 – Aug 2000 Director – Carrier Services: Bell Nexxia
  • Acquisition of network, both bandwidth and fiber, outside of Bell’s Canada territory - acquired over $50M worth of network from various suppliers
  • Carrier relations, including negotiation and management of contractual relationships and rates, with European, Asian and US Tier II carriers as well as with Teleglobe
  • Management, routing and tracking of international traffic – achieved a $90M (30%) cost reduction over budget
  • Management/direction of a group of 15 individuals with a budget of $2M .
Jan 1998 – June 1999 Director – Alliances and International: Bell Canada
  • Assessment, negotiation and implementation of strategic alliances and various commercial relationships – closure of Teleglobe, MCI, a number of International Direct Connect arrangements
  • Successful management of relationships with Teleglobe and MCI, resulting in mutually beneficial sales and exchange of services between Bell and these companies
  • Successful Business Development breakthrough by the assessment of Bell Nexxia and Bell West, leading to the creation of these two entities to drive growth
Aug. 1995 – Dec. 1997 Director - Business Development/Transactions: Bell Canada
  • Assessment and tracking of new business opportunities in emerging business areas – internet start-ups (e.g. ZIP, Faxsav), local service provider in Mexico (Avantel) and others (e.g. kiosks, e-cash)
  • Negotiation of alliances, joint development agreements, joint ventures and equity transactions – Interactive services (New North Media), home security (VSN in Ottawa, Provost in Montreal)
  • Development of internal governance processes for transaction approvals by various departments: HR/Finance/ Legal/Regulatory
Nov. 1992 - July 1995 Associate Director - Business Development: Stentor Resource Center Inc.
  • Successful management of the business relationship, including the financial aspects, resulting from the strategic alliance between MCI and Stentor to co-develop intellectual property and to offer seamless telecommunications services across North America
  • Assessment of joint business opportunities with MCI in the consumer market in North America
  • Negotiation of a revised agreement with MCI to modify the financial arrangements and to expand the relationship to encompass global services
June 1979 to Oct 1992 Various Position (Senior Analyst to Associate Director) of increasing responsibility with Bell Canada and Bell Canada International
July 1992 – Oct. 1992 Associate Director - Demand Analysis: Bell Canada
  • Estimation of the impact of competition on toll revenues and demand
  • Forecasts of total market inter-exchange minutes of network usage for purposes of establishing access contribution rates
July 1990 - June 1992 Corporate Performance Consultant: Bell Canada International
  • Consultation on Corporate Performance for the “Société Nationale des Télécommunications du Sénégal” , specifically, the development of performance measures for all groups in the organization including implementation of methods and systems to capture and analyze detailed cost and revenue data
  • Consultation on the elaboration of the Corporate strategic plan for the “Société des Télécommunications du Mali” and on the reorganization of the finance and accounting division of “l’Office National des Télécommunications du Burkina-Faso”
  • Advisor on various studies such as economic studies of telecommunications projects and optimization of rural telephone service.
Dec. 1988 - June 1990 Associate Director - Forecasts (Toll): Bell Canada
  • Preparation of forecasts of revenues and demand for toll services as well as analysis of the factors affecting these services • Preparation of forecasts of revenues derived from settlement with other members of Stentor
June 1987 - Nov. 1988 Associate Director - Revenue Simulations: Bell Canada
  • Assessment of the impact of rate changes on toll revenues and demand
  • Preparation of forecasts of revenues and profitability for new toll services
Feb. 1984 - May 1987 Section Manager - Corporate Performance: Bell Canada
  • Consultation on the development and implementation of performance measurements systems, such as efficiency plans, cost centers, profit centers and productivity matrices and productivity improvement processes based on employee involvement
Sept. 1981 - Jan. 1984 Section Manager - Settlement Cost Methods: Telecom Canada
  • Development of methods used to allocate costs by local, regional, national and international services for various telecommunications services in the revenue settlement plan
June 1979 - Aug. 1981 Senior Analyst - Depreciation Studies: Bell Canada
  • Performance of special studies related to the amortization of capital and estimation of the useful life of various telecom equipment

Education and Training

May 1979

May 1977

1979 - 2006

M.Sc. in Statistics, Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario

B.Sc. (Honours) in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, York University in Toronto, Ontario

Additional Training

Various marketing, financial, technology and management courses (e.g. Engineering Economics, Building Shareholder Value, Understanding IP Networks and Applications, Change management)

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